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The texture is cooling, it works well in helping the device glide easily, but it would pill pretty badly after I was done using the device and would then try to pat in the remaining product. Best for pigmented and aging skin. In about 2 days of using this for 10 minutes at night, I was surprised by how smooth my skin felt. ), the Tri-Light uses red, blue, and amber light to penetrate skin and address a number of skin problems such as aging, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, and acne. - Best for pigmented and aging skin. Including complimentary travel size Pure Revival Peel, Vitamin B3+ Serum and Pure Deepsea Mask. Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Custom Serum Blended CocktailBefore you get your custom serum, you have to start with taking a pretty thorough quiz that asks you questions about your skin. There’s blue, red, and yellow light in one device. How the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes works 4 / 5 Apart from the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++, Skin Inc also has the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes, which I tried for a week. If you have any other water-based gel type moisturizers you'd be totally fine using that instead. Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars (7) 7. The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ combines the power of NASA-inspired LED Chromotherapy and Low Frequency … They are also available on Skin Inc’s website. I am definitely pleased with this. Orange Light: Combination of Red Light & Yellow Light. It looks like a pair of really cool sunglasses sans the lenses. You don't need to do it for 10 minutes, but it's easy to pop on a Youtube channel or watch some IG stories while you massage your face. I like the concept of creating a formula that's just for your skin, and apparently you can do more than 3 serums if you want. Skin Inc. is a brand focused on giving the customer the ability to customize their skincare, and create bespoke products specifically for your own skin concerns. But, are these things I can achieve with a wash-off mask or a chemical exfoliator? Thus, I stopped using it for about 3 weeks or so and I noticed that the effects that I had previously noticed were slowly disappearing. The little naggy bumps on my cheeks were almost all gone. In general, my skin can get quite dull (due to its dryness), I have issues with tone & texture, and I'm pretty sure somewhere in the quiz I noted that I'd like to treat fine lines, so the choices seemed pretty spot-on. It is a device with 5 benefits - Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. However, the battery ran out, and I kinda fell off the wagon. I think it was because I focused a lot of the orange light around that are and under the eyes. [REVIEW] LIMITED EDITION OPTIMIZER VOYAGE TRI-LIGHT ROSE GOLD SKIN INC. CHĂM SÓC DA HOÀN HẢO VỚI CÔNG NGHỆ ÁNH SÁNG LED!!! This is because I find myself using the purple light (red and blue) and orange light (red and yellow) the most. How to use it: The light is recommended to use at max. The texture of the mask helps the light to move around easily, and the movement gets smoother as the product warms up on your face. $295.00 USD REVIEW: Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light & Skincare Skin Inc. is a brand focused on giving the customer the ability to customize their skincare, and create bespoke products specifically for your own skin concerns. Free shipping and returns on Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses LED Light Treatment for Eyes (Nordstrom Exclusive) at Nordstrom.com. For reference, I tried out the batteries from IKEA and Tesco (granted, these were cheap batteries) and they didn’t even last for a week with my nightly 10 minutes. The NEW Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes is designed for time-starved urbanites looking for the ultimate customized eye treatment in only 10 minutes!. This is something I'll have to use for longer to report on actual effects it's having, but as of now it's hydrating and brightening (as I expect from most of my serums). The glow was especially noticeable around my cheekbone area! Laura McQuarrie — February 12, 2019 — Fashion. Alright, first thing's first with this light: It’s a three in one. Random note, this does use 3 AAA batteries, but I so wish it was a rechargeable device.After I've gone through my whole nighttime routine, I would apply the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask as my final step, and then go in with the Tri-Light in gentle, circular motions. It’s basically an at home LED system that incorporates all three different light settings into a handy, tiny tool that fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Good for: someone who wants it all and is willing to pay for it. What it does: Thanks to fancy chromatherapy technology (like the kind NASA uses in its space medicine program! When I headed to Bali, I loved the effects so much that I decided to bring this device with me. SOLD OUT. A few of my current favourite things Yes, of course. It’s been a whi, A pictorial representation of how 2020 has been so, Red and Duochrome Eyeshadow Tutorial // Using Colourpop & Makeup With Rising Phoenix Eyeshadows, How To // Easy Green & Gold Warm Smoky Eye (Step by Step Tutorial). The yellow LED is for brightening and fading scars or marks, the blue LED is for calming and soothing the skin or inflammation, and the red LED is for reducing lines and contouring the face. This device from Skin Inc isn’t cheap and I had doubts on how effective LED light can be. Available at: Sephora and Skin Inc concept stores at Ion Orchard, B3-43, and Scotts Square, B1-23/24. What it is : A Nordstrom-exclusive red light, yellow light and orange light device that targets the undereye area to revive the appearance of youthful skin. It does work. Nowadays I think there is this need for immediate results when it comes to skincare- I want to see smaller pores and erase my fine lines and zero scarring right now! Now, when I use the product on it's own without the device, it worked perfectly fine, no pilling. Each light has its unique benefit. This  gives me great results with continual use and I could do it all at home! I used to do that, and it works well, but I got too lazy. It’s small, not clunky and only requires an extra ten minutes of your day. * Looking at the prices of other comparable LED light tools, lots tend to live in the $150-$250 range or wayyyyy above that, and then there's Neutrogena with their affordable options as well. Skin Inc The newest update to the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ (orange and purple) really just mixes two light colors at once. The point of the beads btw is to keep the active ingredients protected from oxidation until they hit your skin. Soothe with the Blue Light (460nm) – Alleviate acne, oily or congested skin and calm skin sensitivity. It’s a salon-quality facial at a fraction of the cost. Like many beauty trends, light therapy started out as a treatment you could only get in a dermatologist’s office. Are you suffering from acne? A note on the Pure Deepsea Hydrating mask: I'm conflicted. Pair your custom serum with our Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light devices and use LED chromotherapy and low-frequency ultrasound stimulation to enhance results. I’m going to share with you my thoughts on it and how my skin reacted to it in this post. My energiser ones are lasting longer (I have them in for about 1.5 weeks now, and it’s still going) but I think the option of charging it makes a lot more economic sense. The brand first started with their customizable skin serums, which used a multiple choice questionnaire to match customers with the ingredients that would be best suited for their skin type. SKIN INC. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, Main, color, 000. In Skin Inc.'s words: So from my understanding, each light has a different wavelength, and each color of light when at a certain wavelength can stimulate the skin in different ways. Enter: Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri Light – $398.00. Can’t believe that it’s October tomorrow ! To ensure the it glides on the skin easily, I mostly use water based serums and gel moisturisers with these. Or are you interested in a little mini facial device for use at home? Did you enjoy the results? There's no sensation other than warmth that comes from the light, and you can hear a very faint humming. Yes, this makes for easier travel and portability but man, this device drains my batteries like no other! Skin Inc's Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ Offers Five Different Benefits. Here’s one of the best books, Sometimes the only way to overcome our fears is to, I remember when I had really pesky dry patches aro. LED light therapy involves exposing the skin to different wavelengths of light to treat various skin concerns—think anything from signs of aging to acne. Now, obviously I feel pretty well versed in the blue and red light territory, but yellow light which targets collagen production was fascinating to me. Thoughts: After a month of use, I really enjoy the Tri-light and the ritual of it as a cap to my night routine. When they gave me the opportunity to try my own customizable serum I was interested to see what would be recommended for my "cocktail," and when they asked if I wanted to try their Tri-Light I was so ready to experiment. Today Skin Inc offers a customizable line, as wel… I also noticed that my skin became more radiant. I was pleasantly surprised at how in depth the quiz gets, and at the end it recommended these three:Chlorella Serum: a revitalizing serum that brightens, reduces the appearance of pigmentation and reduces dullness.Vitamin A Serum: helps to improve skin tone & claims to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. This customizable device has 5 benefits: Revive, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and Sculpt. I used it every other night and tried to do 10 minutes every use for the sake of testing, although I can get a little antsy standing at the sink for that long. I bought it with my own money and I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you! I would go in with some rosewater mist to try and alleviate the pilling but it would still happen, so I would have to wait for the mask to air dry, and there'd be a slight tackiness left behind. After receiving the Tri Light on my trip to Ibiza with the brand in September, into the lineup it went. The skin was … moving around less when I applied the products, if it makes sense! I'm going to focus more on the light than my customizable serum since that's something I'll be featuring and chatting about in my skincare routines via IG, but drop questions below if you have them! Are you interested in the Skin Inc Optimiser Trilight++? If you read my previous post on some skincare favourites, you would have seen me mention the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight++. Thus, I was hesitant. Reviews. Increase collagen and elastin production. See what LA-based beauty editor Amy Lee loves most about the Skin Inc Tri-Light ++. Optimizer Voyage Tri-LightWhat it is: an LED light and low frequency treatment. Also, due to the Low Frequency Stimulation (emitted from the metal surface in the center), it also helps to boost absorption of active ingredients in skincare products, achieve a lifted V-shape facial contour and reduce water retention. Now USB rechargeable, Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++ also gives you an option to turn the sonic therapy technology on or off with a new "LF" button to give you a pampering that’s fit for your needs. But unsurprisingly, its popularity grew and before we knew it, light therapy masks that you can use at home became a thing.. 4 steps to glowing, dewy skin Skin Inc's signature Flash Facial. I would usually watch a video or listen to a podcast while I massage the device across my face, so it is time efficient as well. Knowing that up to 80% of skin’s condition is based off of our lifestyle as well as several environmental factors, they sought to make skincare more focused on combating those in a more direct manner. In case you’re interested, these are the products I’m currently using (also mentioned in my skincare favourites post here): As you can see, most of these are water based and fluid in texture, it really helps the Skin Inc device to glide on the skin without any dragging. I'm thinking of having my Mom try it out for a little while and seeing if she notices a difference after continuous use of the red light for lifting and toning. amorepacific, missha, farmacy, summer products, summer skincare, lightweight moisturizers, moisturizers, summer moisturizers, herbivore, pink cloud, the essential creme fluid, spf, saturday skin, skincare, skincare review, summer, fragrance free, skincare list, luna bronze, self tanner, sunless tanner, self-tanner, self-tanner reviews, self tanning, product reviews, summer products, summer skincare, bodycare, body care, my daily dose custom serum blended cocktail. Purple Light: Combination of Blue Light & Red Light. According to the company’s website, 85% of users in a consumer study said the Tri-Light helped their skin become “revived and radiant,” look “younger … High-tech facial devices always hit the market with a bang, piquing our interest with blue lights and spaceship designs that … Orange Light: Combination of Red Light & Yellow Light. Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-light is a multi-purpose tool. Didn't work for my sensitive skin. The pilling was less apparent if you used a thicker layer of mask, but in doing that I'm practically half way through the tub already. I actually only wanted to purchase the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Blue Light, but then I thought about the other 4 lights for just about $100 more (after discount)… so why not? The serum is meant to last 6 months after opening (according to the period after opening time frame noted on the box), which makes sense to me since I'm flying through my bottle. Do you even notice a difference after 5 years of taking it? And in case you’re wondering, no, this post isn’t sponsored or an advertorial. Glow with the Yellow Light (590nm) – Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion. Finally here with my review of #SKININC products after having been experimenting with the Voyager Trilight for awhile now. Hope you’re well. If you made it to the end, I appreciate you. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light. Beauty review: Skin Inc's Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ a handy facial device for those with time. If I have the time, I would use the device until it switches off automatically (about 10 minutes). It kind of feels like I'm doing an ultrasound on my face, goo and all. I notice less redness the next mornings after using the blue light, and most noticeable was my skin looking more even-toned and brighter. Maayza N. Sep 28, 2019. This provides continued stimulation of the skin while also helping your other skincare products penetrate deeper, and for someone who no longer has bouncy 20 year old skin, I can appreciate products that go deeper in treatment as my skin needs more boosting than it used to. I haven’t used creams with this, but I can’t see it working well. SKIN INC. Free shipping. Browse our recommendations for something similar. For optimum results, prep your stressed skin with an exfoliating peel and a soothing serum before using the Optimizer Voyage Tri-light. I have tried professional LED treatments before (you can read about my Estheclinic review here) and while they did improve my skin, the effects lasted for only a while. I mostly use the orange and purple lights as it saves time and it’s killing two birds with one stone. One device, 5 benefits - Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize, V-Sculpt and helps to tackle multiple skin concerns for younger looking, brighter and blemish-free skin. The mask does deeply hydrate and soothe, giving me plumped up skin the next day, but I'm going to test using the device with other water-gel products I own and see how it performs. What are your thoughts on at home facial devices? BUT, I do see this device as more of a long-term skincare investment versus trying to gain overnight shocking results. Big Ma, Hi everyone! So, a bit of a divided opinion, but I wanted to share! Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++USB Chrome Silver 10 Minute Flash Facial Our #1 Bestseller now rechargeable and in a limited edition Chrome Silver hue. The biggest downside is that it is battery operated. Ok let's get back on track. It can also be used as a 15-min treatment or for the undereyes, but I've yet to try those two methods. Then I also started to notice that my skin got firmer. It emits three types of therapeutic light to heal skin (inspired by NASA technology to heal astronaut’s broken skin in space), as well as low frequency therapy stimulation to boost the penetration of skincare, and sculpt the face. That faint humming is the sound of the newest and coolest beauty innovations. This retails for SGD 398 on various sites, but I got mine off Zalora when they were having a 35% discount. Details & Care. So I’d usually stop when my products get absorbed. 1 Device = 2,500 Treatments. Soothe with the Blue Light (460nm) – Alleviate acne, oily or congested skin and calm skin sensitivity. LED CHROMOTHERAPY TECHNOLOGY: Harnessing the power of NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes LED light helps addressing your multiple skin concerns. 10 minute intervals, but you can flip between lights as you move around your face, or use one light the whole time. I found myself gravitating most towards the blue light since I deal with quite a bit of redness, although I would flip between lights occasionally to pin point certain areas and also to break up the monotony. In case you’re wondering about what the lights can do, here is the information from Skin Inc’s website: Repair with the Red Light (625nm) – Renew and repair damaged skin cells. Skin Inc also recommends spraying facial mists in case the skin gets too dry and the device tugs. Luckily for me, they sent along their Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask & my Daily Dose serum which are both water-based, so that's what I used. Skin Inc straddles the line between “one-size-fits-all to one-size-fits-me”. Hey loves! Probably not, but it's helping to keep you healthy and that's a positive. Power up your skin care regimen with SKIN INC Supplement Bar's award-winning Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light+++ (USB) Chromotherapy device with 5 colored LED lights for 5 different benefits. Description Discover the award-winning fuss-free home-spa device, the new Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++. My acne has cleared up significantly! The Tri-Light is also recommended to be used with water-based products since they have smaller molecules and will absorb easier into the skin, and they also recommend staying away from emulsions, creams or oil-based serums as it might cause congestion. References: iloveskininc & allure. But some skincare to me is like taking a multi-vitamin, do you feel immediately amazing after taking it? As with all of my reviews, this could work differently on different skin, and some are sensitive to light treatment while others need more intense means. The device will turn off after 10 minutes if you use one light the whole time, but if you swap between lights you'll have to track the time yourself (seems like something that could be easily fixed on their end, maybe just include a visual timer on the device?). Qlabo | Eauphoria and Collagenerous Review, Kate Tokyo Spring Summer Collection // Metal Glamour Eyes [Review and Swatches], Swatches | Dior Addict Lipstick in Smile, Tribale and Be Dior, More about the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++, How I use the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++, Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector, NOVU Active Tri-Action Clarufying Hydrator, My Review of the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++, A Con of the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++, Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Round Up // Favourites For Life Improvement, Are you excited about Black Friday? The serum is quite viscous and has the beads in them that pop/dissolve once you pat it into your skin. LED CHROMOTHERAPY TECHNOLOGY: Harnessing the power of NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes LED light helps addressing your multiple skin … There is a low frequency vibration that works in tandem with the light therapy and must be used with water based skin care. I’m curr, This is one of the most useful books I’ve read s, Fun fact : I love music and belting out my soul to, Turned 28 this week and thankful for all the love, Happy Tuesday . Zalora also had a 35% sale so I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Skin Inc Optimiser Trilight. Lift in the cheeks, lift in the jawline, y’know what I mean? This LED tool, which is designed to be used in conjunction with your favorite serums, has three different light settings designated to different skin issues: Red to boost collagen and soften lines, yellow to even skin tone, and blue to reduce acne. I received the Optimizer Voyage Tri Light from Skin Inc during their #skinincbootcamp as a #skinincbeautywarrior on Instagram with a couple of other ladies. Stay posted here or on my IG for updates! Red LED repairs and firms; blue LED calms and clarifies; yellow LED adds a glow. This item is no longer available. Best for sensitive and aging skin or adult acne. While I still got the mask on, I use the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, which is the star-device from Skin Inc. In terms of a V shaped facial contour, I would say that I think I’m slowly getting there as my cheeks are noticeably firmer. I referred to the face map they provide on the back of the box that maps how you could focus the lights, pinpointing the red light around places like your smile lines and jaw, yellow around the cheek area, and blue on the forehead and chin. I haven't used any personal skincare light tools before, although have had some light treatments at facials in the past. The light comes with 3 color options depending on what you want to target, giving you the ability to customize the treatment based on what your skin needs. Red light has anti-aging benefit which helps to promote the look of skin suppleness and radiance. I could feel the difference whenever I had to apply products/wash my face. In the mornings, I mostly just use the purple light and massage the various products into my skin until its is fully absorbed (less than a minute for each). This was lengthier than I like to get, but let me know if you have questions about the device or any of the products! However, my acne on my cheeks got pretty bad about 3 months ago and since I didn’t want to wear much makeup, I knew I had to step up my facial skincare game. This is quite annoying. Long story short, I do think it works. Since it is such a customizable treatment, I think it'd be interesting to see if someone else has different results, especially someone that isn't as intense about their daily skincare regimen as I am. Firstly, I strongly recommend getting the Optimiser Voyage Trilight++ instead of the Optimizer Voyage Blue Light or the Optimizer Trilight (just 3 lights). So, this device does produce results as long as you keep using it. See what LA-based beauty editor Amy Lee loves most about the Skin Inc Tri-Light ++. And those treatments are likely cheaper than the $265 price tag of the Tri-light, which is admittedly very pricey*. Glow with the Yellow Light (590nm) – Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion. The first thing I noticed was that my skin was a lot smoother when I started using this. Skin Inc named them the power combo lights which are supposed to deliver twice the benefits in the same amount of time. I don't normally pull my serums up to my eyes, so I'm not sure about that last claim.French Pine Bark Serum: an antioxidant serum for anti-aging, repair & protection from environmental stress. Photography by Erin Yamagata. Its been a month of using the Tri-Light in my night routines, and I wanted to round up how I used it, what I thought of it, and the effects on my skin. 4 SKIN INC OPTIMISER VOYAGE TRI-LIGHT, $398. If you’re struggling with acne or/and are lazy to go for facials like me, I would recommend getting this. While I do attribute much of this improvement to the device, I can’t discount the great skincare products as well. Personally, it took me a while before I decided to invest in this. When you receive the package, the three serums are in separate bottles, and you get one empty bottle that you can pop them all into. Have you tried light therapy? I remember first trying Skin Inc. serums several years ago since they have those colorful beads in them, and also hearing rave reviews about their Pure Serum Mist. This is predictable, as nothing really is permanent and our skin changes all the time! I can see where the friction of the device and ten minutes of massaging could cause that reaction, but for $75 and a recommendation to use the two together, I would hope it would hold up. Zalora usually have pretty good sales, so do keep a look out! I wished I had taken a picture to show you my acne before, but it is definitely more tamed now.

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